Get Personalized Diet Consultation to Manage your Weight

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Diet consultation

A Diet consultation means an appointment either by nutritionist or a dietitian in order to enhance the quality of life and well-being. A proper nutrition can help us stay fit and fine entire life. Nutrition is basically a science that deals with the food and food habits.


Lifestyle Modification

A comprehensive modification that includes management of weight, salt, physical activity, smoke, and alcohol. There are 3 components of Lifestyle modification diet, exercise, and behavior therapy. A proper procedure is followed on a regular basis to achieve the target.


Bariatric Bypass Surgery

Surgeries for Gastric and weight loss is known as bariatric surgery. It involves alteration in the digestive system that helps in losing weight. Bariatric bypass surgery happens in case of serious health problems due to weight; this procedure is prominently followed when diet and exercise stops working.


Bariatric sleeve gastrectomy

Bariatric sleeve gastrectomy, a procedure that supports in weight loss in which a part of stomach is removed from the body and the remaining structure is formed into a tubelike structure. This small stomach produces lesser appetite and cannot hold much food.