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Reach experienced practitioners for major general surgery

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Minimal Invasive/General Surgery

Doctors use diverse techniques for the treatment of patients. One can get operated by minimal invasive surgery with less pain, lesser damage, short hospital stays and minimal complications. Compared to open surgery this technique is better than open surgery.


Advanced hernia (laparoscopic and open)

Advanced hernia is well-treated through both the ways laparoscopic and open. Laparoscopic treatment is quite superior as compared to open surgery. Lesser blood loss, fewer perioperative complications and shorter hospital stay are few of the benefits of this treatment.


Gall bladder stone surgery

A hard deposit formed in the gallbladder is Gallstone, Doctors suggest surgery for its treatment. Usually of two types of gallstones cholesterol and pigment a person can have and depending upon the type of stone, the surgery is recommended by the doctor.


Laser for varicose vein

Laser surgery has 98% success rate for varicose veins along with an exceptional result. Varicose vein is twisted and enlarged veins. A vein close to the skin surface becomes varicose and the commonly affected part of the body is leg.



Appendix, a small thin pouch connected to the large intestine. Minimal Invasive technique is being used to seal and cut down the blood flow to the appendix. It’s a 12-hour treatment and the recovery is quite faster as compared to open surgery.