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Child Care – Get your child treated by experienced pediatrician

Mother and Childcare is significant by the help of well-trained gynecologist and pediatrician. Our pediatricians are patient, and they listen to any health issue patiently thus providing suitable treatment and quick recovery to the patient. Global Cradle offer treatment from normal to complex, we take care of entire pediatric needs thus ensuring safety of the child.



OPD is a department which first deal with the patients and decides the kind of treatment the patients require. It hardly requires hospitalization and usually deal with outpatients. Though the treatment is carried out by other medical professionals.



Vaccination, a safe and simple way to protect oneself from against harmful diseases. It reduces the risks by working on the defense mechanism to build protection. The immune system starts responding after any vaccination and it has saved millions of lives till date.



Inpatient department is a segment where healthcare facility is given to the patients who need proper care and attention. Such units are equipped with beds, equipment, 24*7 availability of doctors and nurses. In IPD, patients are admitted for at least 24 hours.



Pediatric surgery is performed by pediatric surgeon who are general surgeon having expertise in diagnosis and care of newborn, infants, children and even adolescents. A Pediatric takes special care for children and they specialize in treating them.